Importance of Social Media

Importance of Social Media in today’s world

You must have heard about social media million times in your circle, but have you thought about the importance of Social Media. Well, quite a few people do and the rest are busily engrossed in them. There is nothing wrong in using social media, but it is important to understand the medium and make purposeful use of it. Let’s first know the term ‘Social Media’. It is a computer-based technology that promotes the sharing of ideas and information along with the building of virtual networks and communities. Social media needs internet for its functioning. It’s like the oxygen for it. No internet no social media. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use, share your information and content or communicate electronically. The best part is, it is not just limited to text. You can share photos, videos, and recordings.

Social Media

People use various devices for engaging in such a platform like mobile phones, computers, tablets etc. When Social Media started it was more often used by family and friends to connect with each other. But now you will find businesses appearing on the platform to promote their business and reach millions within seconds. You can get the idea of the importance of Social Media for business. We can’t even imagine how massive it is and spread all over the earth.

Social Media Fever

Sharing information, ideas, knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and advice is open for all. You are not discriminated for caste, creed or religion and hence people love social media so much. Some have made social media their world because it gives them the freedom to express their deepest thoughts and sorrows.

It has the ability to change its form in various ways such as videos sharing, photo sharing, social networks, blogging, social gaming, business networks, reviews and many more. For individuals like us, it is more about keeping in touch with our loved ones, find career opportunities, connect with people who share similar interest and create your own brand. In the business environment social media helps in finding and engaging with customers, advertising for sales and brand awareness, promotion, catch the latest trends and offer good customer service by creating a relationship with our clients. It has become like information center which collects all data and helps in market research and focuses on marketing. While promoting products and services, it enables the distribution in a timely manner. Providing bumper sales offer and coupons to the customers is also possible in social media because such deals are very attractive and everyone wants to take the benefit of it. It also helps E-commerce websites to engage in conversations with their customers.

Relationship building through Social Media

Even the Governments bodies and politicians use social media to engage with constituents and voters. Nowadays NGO and many social groups use this platform to make people aware and share messages for humanity. You can say, it assists in relationship building, understanding problems and creating a loyal fan base.

To sum up all the importance-Social media is about sharing your own thoughts and ideas to the world so that people are aware and help them find solutions to their problems.

If we focus on the good part of social media, we can definitely uplift our society and this, in turn, will uplift each one of us.

So if you are not already on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc then this is the time to be. Sharing is caring so don’t be afraid to share your love.

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